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1.1- SELLER:

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Title: NUTANTEP Gıda San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Address: Sanayi Mah. Cd. 60114 No:47


Phone : +90 342 606 0217

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1.2- BUYER:

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Name/Surname/Title: {DELIVERER}






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The subject of this contract is in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on the Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts regarding the sale and delivery of the product, the qualities and sales price of which are specified below, which the BUYER has ordered electronically from the SELLER's {FIRMAUNVAN} website. the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.

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Date : {DATE}


Name of the product


Total Product Amount

The type and type, quantity, brand/model color of the products are as stated above.


Payment method: {ODEMETIPI}

Delivery address: {DELIVERY ADDRESS}


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4.1- The BUYER declares on the {FIRMAUNVAN} website that he has read the preliminary information about the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method and delivery of the product subject to the contract and has given the necessary confirmation electronically.

4.2- The product subject to the contract is delivered to the BUYER or the person/organization at the address indicated within the period specified in the preliminary information on the website, depending on the distance of the BUYER's place of residence for each product, provided that it does not exceed the legal 3-day period.

4.3- If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

4.4- The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contracted product in a sound, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

4.5- In case the relevant bank or financial institution fails to pay the product price to the SELLER due to the unfair or unlawful use of the BUYER's credit card by unauthorized persons after the delivery of the product, not due to the BUYER's fault, provided that the product has been delivered to the BUYER. It must be sent to the SELLER within 3 days. In this case, the shipping costs belong to the BUYER.

4.6- If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract in due time due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions preventing transportation, interruption of transportation, the SELLER is obliged to inform the BUYER. In this case, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order, replace the product subject to the contract with its precedent, if any, and/or postpone the delivery time until the obstacle is removed. In case the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid is paid to him in cash and in full within 10 days.

4-7-In cases where the product/products subject to the contract are not in stock, the SELLER must inform the ORDERER/BUYER of the situation and the total price paid by the ORDERER/BUYER and any document that puts him under debt must be submitted within 10 days at the latest. The SELLER has the right not to deliver the contractual product/products, provided that they are returned to the BUYER.


4-8-The CUSTOMER/BUYER may not exceed 15% of the total invoice amount, which may occur due to price differences and/or product price changes between the order and the delivered product/products. CUSTOMER/BUYER accepts and declares that this amount will be reflected separately in the total payment amount and will pay this amount to the SELLER.


4-9- CUSTOMER/BUYER is obliged to pay the service fees specified for the product/products subject to the contract. The SELLER reserves the right to demand and change the delivery costs.


4-10-For the delivery of the product/products subject to the contract, this contract must be approved and delivered to the SELLER electronically and the price must be transferred to the SELLER's account with the payment method preferred by the ORDERER/BUYER. If the price of the product is not paid in full at the time of delivery, is not transferred to the account of the SELLER or is canceled in the bank records, the SELLER is deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product.


4-11-The CUSTOMER/BUYER is obliged to check and receive the product/products delivered to him/her and to sign the order invoice indicating that the product/products have been received in full if the delivery is complete. It means that the orders received by signing the order invoice by the CUSTOMER/BUYER are delivered completely by the SELLER. In this case, the CUSTOMER/BUYER has no right to object.

4-12-CUSTOMER/BUYER cannot be held responsible if the ordered product/products cannot be supplied for any reason, and the SELLER returns the payments made for the product he/she cannot supply. The CUSTOMER/BUYER accepts and declares that when he postpones his current order to a future date, he will receive the products in his order at the price and stock sold in the store as of that day.


4-13This service is for retail sale and end use only. The SELLER reserves the right to cancel the order and not to deliver, even if the preliminary information form and/or sales contract for wholesale and "resale" orders has been formed.


4-14-The product/products subject to the contract shall be delivered to the person/organization at the address indicated by the CUSTOMER/BUYER until the delivery date/execution date of the contract, depending on the distance of the BUYER's place of residence for each product, provided that it does not exceed the legal 30-day period. is delivered/performed. This period may be extended by ten days from the delivery date/execution of the contract, provided that the CUSTOMER/BUYER is notified in writing or through a continuous data carrier.



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Pursuant to subparagraph 3/a of Article 2 of the "Regulation on Distance Contracts" published in the Official Gazette dated 06.03.2011 and numbered 27866, "In Distance Contracts regarding the transportation of foodstuffs, beverages or other daily consumption items to the residence or workplace of the consumer within the framework of regular deliveries of the seller. There is no right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts/goods and services listed in clause 4 of Article 7 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, published in the Official Gazette dated 06.03.2011 and numbered 27866.

In addition, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products that cannot be returned due to their nature, disposable products, reproducible software and programs, products that deteriorate rapidly or have expired and are likely to expire.



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All processes from production to sales are monitored. In the event that the CUSTOMER/BUYER regarding any product gives feedback against the SELLER, the SELLER shall submit the traceability records it has kept regarding all processes of the product in question to the ORDERING/BUYER. The CUSTOMER/BUYER accepts to withdraw the complaints that may arise against the CUSTOMER/BUYER in the case of supporting good manufacturing practices related to the processes, accepted and normal process values, and accepts that it is unfair.


In the implementation of this contract, Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the BUYER's or SELLER's settlement are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In the event that the order is realized, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.





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