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NUTANTEP Food Industry and Trade Limited Company

My Story

Our company Nutantep has been continuing its innovative structure with its 3 generations of knowledge, strong infrastructure, state-of-the-art production and processing techniques, professional team reflecting its experience to the products it produces, keeping human health and taste at the forefront, international It offers perfect solutions to the industrial needs of the world's leading ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Producers with superior hygiene infrastructure in our modern facilities with superior hygiene infrastructure in our modern facilities. We offer unique tastes to the taste of our consumers at home and abroad with its paste and spreadable pistachio creams.

We combine our superior experiences in the pistachio sector with innovations and our superior experience in the pistachio sector. Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, is the company that invests the most in R&D activities in its sector. It always maintains its innovative and perfectionist structure and attaches utmost importance to human health and taste from field to table.

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